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Steven Norton’s article for the Wall Street Journal about Starwood Hotel CEO Frits van Paasschen ticks a number of boxes for me: The travel and technology trends, of course, but also the larger idea that successful people can accept or reject technology based on whether it actually helps them.

Mr. van Paasschen certainly isn’t alone in ditching a PC for a tablet or a smartphone for the majority of his work and, while it still isn’t something that I would do, it’s nice to see a profile like this that highlights the emerging reality: These days, any PC/Post-PC discussion is really more about personal preferences than any hard limits of functionality.

One more nugget of interest deeper in the piece – a brief mention of how Starwood is using custom apps to connect data about its rooms with their reservation system.

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The Answer Depends On Who You Are… And For How Long You’re Gone!

This article originally appeared at Veritrope.com

Almost as soon as I startedplanning our trip around the world, my pleasant day-dreams were disrupted by a recurring image: It was a vision of me lugging my laptop for weeks on end like some sort of modern-day Sisyphus.

I’m a writer and a consultant… and I didn’t want to have to stop my work just because I was traveling for an extended period of time. In fact, being able to work while away was a key part of my travel plans — you know… the part of the plan that helped me pay for the trip.

So, I had basically resigned myself to carrying a laptop when *it* was announced.
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