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The personal data of approximately 190,000 JAL Mileage Bank customers was accessed by an unauthorized intruder, the company reported earlier this week. Early indications are that their system was compromised by a malware infection–something which has affected many online retailers around the world.

According to JAL’s announcement, there is no indication that passwords and credit card numbers have been stolen and their mileage program continues to remain operational with members reportedly able to redeem their JMB miles for awards as usual.

Though the airline promises to notify customers affected by the breech and says that it has “taking all possible countermeasures”, there has been no word if the airline will compensate or indemnify members for any damages caused by the unauthorized disclosures.

When I cash in my frequent flyer miles, my strategy is usually pretty simple: Spend as few as possible.

However I also understand the allure of redeeming those miles for top tier travel as it can enable access to some incredible experiences that most of us would never be able to afford otherwise. On Medium, Derek Low has written up his experience flying Singapore Airlines Suites Class. In it, you’ll get a glimpse at the over-the-top food and service that the airline provides to create a “beyond first class” product.

Personally, I don’t know how he’s going to be able to recalibrate back to normal levels of service after an experience like this one – but I suppose that this is what you might call “A Good Problem™”.

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Two of my favorite online pals made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse…

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A quick note:

Busy times here at Veritrope HQ, but two of my favorite online pals made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse: To appear on their wonderful podcast, Generational, and talk about travel with them.

Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess are my kind of people – keen observers of how technology fits into our everyday lives and gracious about sharing their knowledge with their readers and followers. I think you can tell we had a lot of fun talking before, during, and after the recording… and I hope you enjoy “hanging out with us” as well.

You can listen here or get it via iTunes. While you do, I’ll be working on a way to lure those guys to some of the places that I know they love so we can meet up again soon.